Walk The Line

28 July, 2017

Picture of the Day.

A young woman carrying a pink bag walks past a basement car park in Middlesbrough, UK.

For me, this street picture works because the eye is led around the frame in a natural way, from the bottom to the top, and has plenty to look at along the way.

The car in the bottom left corner leads the eye to the walking woman, before the viewer is drawn to the brighter part of the image to the left, at the back of the bus, which also acts as a lead-in line. Finally, the blue road sign with the white arrow draws the eye to the colour in the building above it.

Which is a pretentious way of suggesting that you look for lead-in lines and layers when you’re out shooting in the street, and if you find a location that has depth and objects that can lead the eye, consider hanging around until something, like a bus or a person, or both, enters the frame to complete it.


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